Neutrals / Hostile AI in maps

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Neutrals / Hostile AI in maps

Postby Ninja_Prime52 » 08 Sep 2013 20:28

Since I've released the map packs, 3 in total, and I promise I won't be adding any-more updates or maps to those (Phew, I can hear people say) so hopefully once everyone has the correct version we should be able to play them.
The reason for this post is the fact that on some of the maps, I decided to add neutrals/hostile AI into the mix. This has had a mixed reception from vets, and I can see both sides of the argument.
Personally I like to have them in a map, as they add extra spice to the gameplay. I have done them so that some, not all, use specials, after all this is a Ninja_Prime map ;) I have also tried to add variety to the maps, by adding more than 1 DZ for each team. and also randomised the appearance of the neutrals. If you decided to play a map with neutrals in it, hopefully the randomised script works properly and makes each game unique. Most of the maps with neutrals have been randomised with four different sets of enemy AI, so if you want a more challenging map, then play those maps.
Like I have said before in the past, some of my maps are not going to be every ones cup of tea, however I have been trying to get the blend right.

I would like to say thanks to every one who has played my maps, without you guys commenting and offering suggestions, these maps would not have been born!
I hope to do more maps next year, I am currently working on some SP maps to go along with the YouTube tutorial's I am trying to promote.

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