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Tutorials For GenEd

Postby Ninja_Prime52 » 05 Jul 2013 19:53

By now you should have all seen my videos on YouTube. I have created a bunch of Tutorials on GenEd about creating your own MP maps. At the moment I can only create MP maps and not single player maps as the files I use for GenEd 3.603 is not the one used for the DC, If you want to create SP maps you need to use GenEd 3.604, and then select Dark Conspiracy, otherwise if you select GC there won't be any entities to place on your maps. Not really sure if I am making sense, but I think this is because the files downloaded with GC from the website is version 10.11 and this is the DC patch. So if you have an earlier version you should be able to Create SP maps. I will try to explain this better in an up and coming video about creating SP maps.

Nox has posted a link to my Youtube site and in particular to the tutorial vid's. Please subscribe and comment, Like etc. if you can.

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