Crayven Corp. vs Order of the New Dawn

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Re: Crayven Corp. vs Order of the New Dawn

Postby ninja_prime » 26 Aug 2012 11:37

Echoscout wrote:
Oh I know CM, I wasn't criticizing you. Kevx (with others, but it was mainly him I think) made Rebellion and Sigma. Great works, for sure, and not an easy task, just pointing out that they weren't for me.

While we're on the subject (sorry to derail again, mods can move to new topic if needed), I am thinking of doing a mod around SSgt. Cole, seems to be a very interesting character from the single-player...I mean, Crayven Supply Clerk, who is actually an OND Operative, with connections to Phoenix Mercs??

How cool is that!! :mrgreen:

If I recall it was mainly Me (Story and ideas) and Tweaks (Modding and balancing) that did the Sigma Mod, the Rebellion Mod and the Jaegers was solely mine, Kevx wanted to do his own thing I think and may have had some input. There were others involved, Tabu was there and so were one or two others who I have sadly forgotten.

The mods were never going to be every-ones cup of tea and most it was done purely on the premise that we could actually do some changes to the game and to let others know that it was possible to mod the game.
As you pointed out some of the units didn't make sense, it was really a license for us to see what was possible with the engine. At the time they seemed like good ideas, but we were really just seeing what we could do and although we had long decisions about it, most of the final decision came to me.

So I'm sorry if it stopped you finishing the Mods. I was told a few times that the levels were too difficult for beginners, while others said they were challenging and just right. My take on the whole thing was that the mods I created were aimed at more experienced players and I wanted to provide a better challenge for them.

My levels always seem impossible or hard to complete, but that's just on the surface. If you were to stop and analyze it, you would find a solution, I always left an escape route, it was just a case of the player finding it. We all hoped, (those that were involved with the mod's) that it would inspire others to follow suite, but because of certain factors it was not always possible to do what we wanted to do, and Massive were busy with their own stuff, so help was never readily available.

Had the modding community for GC taken off, then GC would still very much be with us today, but as history showed, that was never to be.

Echoscout wrote:Well, sorry to get your hopes up CM, but I don't think I'll be making that mod about Cole. Have been pouring through the GenEd files from your archive for the last all the read-me files, and can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to do the things I want.

Patience isn't my strongest virtue... :lol:

GenEd has never been the most user friendly editor I have used, the only reason I learned it and used it was that I loved GC so much that I wanted to create my own missions and campaigns. It's been almost 10 years since I've looked at GenEd and it's still not any friendlier. For me to create maps again I will need to relearn everything, as I have been using other editors from other games... Crysis and ArmA to name but two.
Had you asked for help 10-6 years ago I would have been able to help you out. :geek:


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