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Re: Recommend a New PC

Postby Echoscout » 21 Jun 2015 19:34

shpooky wrote:(i know im a bit late on my explanation of why HWR is crappy that's cause im lazy :P)

first off i dislike the UI the icons are harder to see and all the buttons on it are small D: (i tried different resolutions i still hated it)'
(game play it kind of odd i fell "lost" when playing it half the time i don't know what the fuck is going on anymore D:)at least in the original things whent were i fucken told them to GO!

and i hate that they mixed hw1and2 cause the fighters in hw1 aren't in squads and hw2 fighters are (why does this make a different you may ask?) well people playing hw1 factions vs hw2 factions have a disadvantage cause fighters in hw2 are in squads so if you lose a few in the squad you dock them into a ship and tada you get all the ships in that squad back for free but the hw1 fighters if you lose 1 you have to buy a new one! D:

That was one big complaint I had as well. Didn't really play HW2 as much as I played HW1 and HW:CATA

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Re: Recommend a New PC

Postby shpooky » 23 Jun 2015 00:57

i love HW cata and hw2 but 1............... its just meh......... i liked the story for 1 at least not so much the multi
i only work in cyan and sometimes really really bright blue :D so bright it burns your eyes!!!!!

(if you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me or you can contact me via email

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Re: Recommend a New PC

Postby Admiral Ghat » 23 Jun 2015 03:01

Back to topic, I'm actually looking to do a computer rebuild in like September or October. Skylake and various other goodies should be out by then. Maybe I could find a way to sell and ship you the old components? Would be almost an entire PC minus case, DVD player, possibly the power supply. Still trying to figure it all out. PM me if you are interested and I'll let you know the specs.

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Re: Recommend a New PC

Postby Compuguy » 27 Jun 2015 03:23

gtx 960 is decent for a card
intel 4690K looks cheap and good for overclocking and stuff
Find any sub 200$ mobo for good performance and price point, try gigabyte
4-8gb is sufficient ram, but buy it in a single stick for upgrade capability
2tb - 6tb for hard drive, decent price and performance, i got my 2TB seagate at 100$
256GB SSD seems worth the money
DVD drive is cheap, salvage it from your old computer
Get a floppy usb drive ;)
Power supply is anything with a bronze rating+, i recommend my GS 800 of corsair
Thats my list of stuff i would buy

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Re: Recommend a New PC

Postby Ninja_Prime52 » 26 Jul 2015 17:26

Great to hear from you again Echo, what Comp has listed is an OK rig, but I would have gone for the AMD option, its just my PC of Choice really, the components tend to be slightly cheaper.

SSD's are really cheap at the moment, in the UK you can pick-up a 500Mb one for £130.
W10 is just around the corner, not sure how GC would play on that.

Is this going to be purely a gaming rig or are you going to use it for work too?

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Re: Recommend a New PC

Postby Echoscout » 30 Jul 2015 00:59

Ninja, would really like this to be a pure gaming machine. I still have my old laptop running Xubuntu, and I can use that for work and office stuff.

Unfortunately, I am having vehicle problems. The transmission and head gasket on my truck are done, so I need to focus on replacing that now rather than a new PC.

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Life really sucks sometimes. :x


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