Reason not the need

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Reason not the need

Postby XFunc_CaRteR » 13 Sep 2014 18:53

Who here has read King Lear?

In King Lear, there is part where Lear wants to keep his retinue of knights. Basically, this is his personal bodyguard.

He has abdicated his crown, but unfortunately he gave it to his two evil daughters. The third daughter, the good daughter, he has banished. (That's core to the tragedy of Lear.)

Anyway, the evil daughters want to know why he needs this retinue.

He says, "Reason not the need."

It is his due. It is what he has earned.

But, since the daughters don't understand or value what he wants, they just take away his retinue anyway. In effect, they violate his honour.

The lesson we are left with is that. Reason not the need. We must respect the wishes of those close to us, even if we don't understand them. Because if we don't respect them, we violate their honour and we debase ourselves in the process.

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