Compy's dream

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Compy's dream

Postby stAtrill » 23 Mar 2013 23:24

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<< <Compuguy> joined the room >>
<Compuguy>: helooe
[_nOx_]: hi compu
stAtrill: hey comp
BD: Compuguy, any interesting/recurring nightmares you'd like to share with the group
=*=Reaper=*=: or waking up after sleeping on ur arm and ur like I killed my arm
BD: We will not judge
[_nOx_]: brace yourself, madness has come
=*=Reaper=*=: cant feel it
<Compuguy>: nope
BD: Sexy ones then?!
BD: Anything
<Compuguy>: duh....
stAtrill: dude I have woken up and my arm was asleep and I was touching myxself
stAtrill: and I though I was being molested
BD: lmao
<Compuguy>: XD
stAtrill: I would freak with my floppy ass arm
<Compuguy>: any1 played half life 2?
.:Darix[Ita]:.: i did
.:Darix[Ita]:.: all of them
<Compuguy>: well
BD: I'd imagine everyone has
<Compuguy>: i had a really random dream
Crinckle: now i need therapy to recover from that mental image
Crinckle: thanks stat
<Compuguy>: my computer got taken by the combine
BD: lol
BD: just your computer? :/
<Compuguy>: then they returned it with my video card and ram replaced with crappier ones
<Compuguy>: i was like
stAtrill: loooooool
stAtrill: looooooool
<Compuguy>: in the morning i woke up in the dream
<Compuguy>: i was like WTF
BD: that is fucking hilarious
Crinckle: oh the humanity of it!!!!!
.:Darix[Ita]:.: compu areu in love with ur pc?
Crinckle: wont someone think of the kittens!
<Compuguy>: then i looked around in it and found that they put a dark matter generator inside it
BD: oh shit
=*=Reaper=*=: haha dude I wish we had the ability to actually implant nightmares in people when sleeping and make them wake up to reminents of the dream
<Compuguy>: I was like ok/.....
=*=Reaper=*=: but like u got punked
<Compuguy>: so i tried to get mygtx 660 back
<Compuguy>: and i went to the computer shop in an attempt to contact the combine tech sector
BD: what did you do with the dark matter generator
BD: that would have been my focus
<Compuguy>: I would eat it

No more needs be said.

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Re: Compy's dream

Postby stAtrill » 23 Mar 2013 23:26

Part two:

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<Compuguy>: lol
[_nOx_]: I dream being people
<Compuguy>: XD
[_nOx_]: people I know
Crinckle: once its on the internet its always on th internet
.:Darix[Ita]:.: i dream of playing gc
BD: what?!
<Compuguy>: i dreamt of being a girl once
BD: You dream of being other people?!
[_nOx_]: I think I just ry to analise them
BD: lmao
BD: excellent typo
[_nOx_]: try*
<Compuguy>: i6t was wierd shit
.:Darix[Ita]:.: shall we play?
<Compuguy>: if you dreamt of being a girl what would you do
[_nOx_]: be her
BD: analise her
BD: ^__^
stAtrill: loooool

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Re: Compy's dream

Postby Satch » 24 Mar 2013 17:19

I wonder what those bastards did with his graphics card. :'(

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Re: Compy's dream

Postby Compuguy » 15 Apr 2015 02:54

what have i done

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