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Mod (RE: Aerodynes)

Postby E-Dawg_snizzle » 25 Aug 2016 13:26

Hi all,

After the successful release of the mod, I've already started brainstorming ideas and changes for the next release. This will probably be a while away (later in the year) as the current build really needs to set in and be played a bit more before we can properly identify what changes need/should be made (regarding DC). Reason I'm posting this is that aside from tweaking DC units, I also want to focus on balancing the Aerodynes/AA units amongst the factions. There was a fair bit posted on the forums in the past regarding this with many different ideas. However, I want to do this with minimal changes to the Aerodyne stats themselves. I made a prototype 1302 build just to test a couple things and these are the changes I've made so far from the 1301 build

GC Vanilla (universal) Changes

*- Crayven Heavy turret turn speed increased from 0.5 to 0.75
*- Removed afterburner
*- Increased OND AntiAir viewrange from 400 to 500
*- Increased OND AntiAir weapon range from 400M to 500M, damage from 220 to 300 and projectile speed from 400 to 600
*- added energy shield to OND AntiAir
*- removed advanced telemetry from Crayven AntiAir
*- Edited the AMS on Crayven Aerodynes to have a 30 second effect time and a 45 second recharge time (30 seconds on, 15 seconds off)
*- Added vision to Outposts (400M)
*- Rearranged Crayven equipment slot locations on the squad config screen. I put ADPP repair in the first slot instead of Advanced PP. (and before you ask, No. I can't make AMS the first slot =(
*- Changed icon and animation for Advanced Power Plant so it differs from image intensifier
*- re-added image intensifier to all Crayven air units and support units

Dark Conspiracy Changes Only

*- increased PX fireball spec weapon charges to 4
*- decreased charged particle burst (Radardyne spec weapon) from 5 to 3 charges
*- changed PX_snipers stealth mode to have less firepower and increased stealth multiplier to 2
*- PX_Artillery reduced weapon blast radius from 75 to 65
*- Rearranged Phoenix equipment slot locations on the squad config screen.
*- Edited PX Aerodyne AMS to have 30 second recharge time (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
*- Removed Rocket from PX Aerodynes
*- Added AMH-Air repair to all 3 fighters (Tech level 7 in DC only)
*- Added 2nd special weapon for the Drone Carrier. M6 Cluster Drone: Fires a cluster of 6 high powered drones, 1 Charge (Tech level 7 in DC only)

Revised maps

Let me know what you think of these changes and if there's anything else you reckon needs to be looked at/revised.
If you want a copy of the mod to see how it looks and works just PM me.

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Re: Mod (RE: Aerodynes)

Postby Van » 25 Aug 2016 15:07

I think if we are going to make air balanced, Anti Air units need to be worse vs air and be able to have a function if no air units are picked by the opposing team.

For example, If I bring anti air, there is no point for you to bring air, so you don't bring it, which means I have brought a unit doing nothing, We will both bring anti air, but in the end, none will bring air any more as the Anti air platforms (especially Crays) are so powerful there is no point to bring air units if they exist and if you luckily go up against a player without anti air, with air units, it's almost an instant win for the air player, meaning none will go without an anti air. Meaning that in the long run Cray players will be forced to bring 1 Anti Air unit, for no other reason than to counter air that none plays because anti air exists.

I think if we want to make air units viable, ALL Anti air units need to be toned down but able to use something against ground units. If possible we could give each anti air unit a Special weapon, which when activated allows the tank to fire at ground for X seconds, but with heavily reduced stats (Damage reduction, accuracy reduction for Cray AA and Just a large nerf to the damage of OND)

This would solve the problem with hard counters. Hard counters squish available units. In this case, AA tanks hard counters Air, which makes air to weak. But without dedicated AA tanks, Air is to strong, therefore forcing everyone to bring a AA squad, but never bring air.

If AA tanks would instead be a strong soft counter (instead of auto winning vs flyers, they actually need to be navigated or used to do it) it would allow players who are good at navigating air units to out perform AA tanks and use their aerodynes after that.

After this it becomes a question of how strong air units should be and how strong they shouldnt be.

I would actually rather look at Infantry tbh, Infantry right now is severely hit or miss. Jaegers are in my opinion the only infantry unit which are the reward outweighs the risk properly, Regular infantry are basicly a radar, We even call them radar. There isn't a big problem with this, but you will only see players picking them if you play OND (As Crays strongest units right now is Scouts/Rockets/Radardyne/Jaegers). OND could potentially skip radar with enough drones, but since Beams outperform drones, you generally bring a radar as you often need to bring 1 squad of infantry anyway.

Temps on the other hand, I find pretty boring, might be because I haven't used them that much, but they seem to be higher risk, but most often less reward than jaegers, as they can't deny their points if you screw up and they can't really securely wipe out 1-2 tank squads each game.

I don't really know how to fix infantry though, The game is basically Support/Tank based and Air and infantry just feels slapped on.

I would like to fix Special Weapon imbalance (Looking at Sunburst/Regular HE Rounds, Rockets and Beams secondary special weapon to name a few and I love that you added a new Drone Weapon!)

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Re: Mod (RE: Aerodynes)

Postby E-Dawg_snizzle » 26 Aug 2016 04:32

Well my idea of an air game is having to take out the opponents AA units first with your ground forces so you can effectively deploy your air units. (Obviously this is different with SZ matches to which yes, you are right in the sense that no one brings air units because the AA is so powerful.)
Personally, I don't really want to stray too far from the original stats and abilities of any units. I had to with a couple of the Phoenix units because let's face it, some Phoenix units were pointless and retarded originally. But as far as adding the ability to shoot ground targets with AA I don't particularly want to do this.
My aim here is to balance the air/aa units throughout the factions rather than make air units viable. I agree that the cray AA is a bit overpowered and I might tone it down a bit in the next release. The other thing I wanted to do to achieve a more balanced air force was to was increase the effect time of the energy shield on the OND aerodynes to 20 seconds but unfortunately they share the same shield as the OND ground units so I can't do this without sacrificing another special equipment (could possibly replace the 2nd speed booster used for OND lights?)

As far as the infantry side of things, marines and crusaders aren't a problem because you have the radar and they are very useful towards the end of a match with their powerful spec weapons. Also good for taking out support units if deployed properly. Most people will still always bring at least 1 squad (Even now with the radar terradyne I still bring marines) As far as the templars go, I too find them boring and also quite useless. One idea I had a while ago was to increase their weapon range? This might be a possibility in the future if the rest of the community likes the idea.

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