GC Spinoff - Hosting reliabililty improvement

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GC Spinoff - Hosting reliabililty improvement

Postby stAtrill » 02 Dec 2015 11:26


This spinoff is a cleaned Missions.sdf file that removes all flagzone files, and all scorezone files but heavymetal2 (a total reduction of 15 maps). This, in combination with the refinements of the maps packed into the mod itself, reduce the data in flight for joining a room by nearly 40% (meaning roughly 40% less chance for those who have trouble connecting to drop). Additionally, this spinoff plus the mod refinement represent about a 17 MB total reduction in size, which actually makes clicking through the multiplayer menus faster.

This is primarily intended for hosts, to make hosting easier. This has minimal effect on those who don't host, excepting a speed increase clicking through the multiplayer menus. If anyone wants them, I can repackage the SZ/FZ maps separately (or in a bundle) and upload. Additionally, the maps remaining in this file have been cleaned up (they were built with an old genEd, which made a bunch of useless files that were probably supposed to do something that has since been scrapped from GC).

Missions SDF file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ulruc ... ssions.sdf
This goes in your data folder, overwriting the existing Missions.sdf file.

I put this together about a month ago, but haven't had time to actually post it until now. Sorry about that :/


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