Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

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Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

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Re: Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

Postby Sarvik » 12 Aug 2014 12:12

Imo any across the board buffs should be off the table because those will help crays on hilly maps just as much as on flat maps or even more. Main problem for cray on flat maps is the fact that you are basically screwed if you need to attack, as all your options for attacking suck. I think we could buff crays on flat maps by giving them relatively specific option to conduct attacks, basically main idea is following:

Cray mains:
+ new long range special weapon (jaeger level range)
+ some kind of speed buff

Cray scouts:
+ telemetric special equipment (mainly for extra vision)

(some other tweaks like changing scout point value etc should be also considered but these are more trivial aspects not so relevant to main concept)

With that we have fast attack pair where scouts provide vision and mains use that vision for some long range kills in hit and run attack style. There would be no significant survivability buffs (other than speed) so they would be eaten alive if OND gets in range. This pair could get some valuable kills and possibly take point lead if successful, but after that they would need to go back hiding behind turrets and stuff.

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Re: Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

Postby _nOx_ » 12 Aug 2014 22:49

Every time Stat says "it's hardcoded" I sigh relieved and a blessing flies to the probably lazy and/or slightly incompetent designers/coders

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Re: Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

Postby DarixIta » 19 Aug 2014 18:35

XFunc_CaRteR wrote:Playtesting is about... erm... testing.

I agree, we can playtest pretty much anything, for instance lights firing tier-guana shots ( ring any bells ? ), as long as our modder thinks it's worth investing time in it.

My suggestion to balance cray:
-Slightly more turret rotation speed, especially on heavies.
-Add a bit more health to tanks.
-Maybe turn mains into some sort of long range units, since they don't have the means to go against OND meds in a straight fight. Give em beam range and some useful spec like sarv suggested.
-Make bullet faster? It would make Artemis\adv targeting more reliable.

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Re: Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

Postby stAtrill » 20 Aug 2014 05:08

Just a heads up gents - my drive was nuked last Thursday, due to a silly mistake regarding choice of system recovery options. Since then I have both learned and acquired equipment for forensic data recovery (not kidding), and made about an 80% recovery so far. Just explaining my total absence --->

I will get the turret fixes in the works ASAP to complete, then we can start looking forward to CC re-balancing the following week (should there not be any other retouches necessary).

I am starting to put together an agenda of everything for the CC playtests - I will be posting it soon! ^^

A thought for consideration regarding increasing CC tanks base health: the APCs heal a fixed amount of health per second (currently equal, at 150 hp/s). This means that CC units will inherently take longer to heal to full health than their OND counterparts, and maybe that is a fair compromise for the increased survivability given by increased health.

Cheers guys! Slowly getting back up and running,

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Re: Shall we take 3 weeks to rebalance Cray?

Postby shpooky » 20 Aug 2014 23:10

YAY :D we can start testing again!
i only work in cyan and sometimes really really bright blue :D so bright it burns your eyes!!!!!

(if you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me or you can contact me via email


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