UP Dated Map-Packs

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UP Dated Map-Packs

Postby Ninja_Prime52 » 24 Aug 2013 07:06

The following links are to the updated map-packs:

http://nbek.org/external/GC/NP-BaseAndC ... ug2013.SDF
http://nbek.org/external/GC/NP-New-Dese ... ug2013.SDF

You will need to download and install these files if you want to start using the pre-configured squad files. I have also removed some props from some maps and also changed all the loading screens. These have been more aesthetic changes rather than actual gameplay, but its allowed me to tidy up a few of the maps and also rename them correctly.
Please make sure you remove any of the older map packs that I have created.
To use my maps these are the only SDF files you should have in your maps folder:


Just remove any of my old map packs or you'll get conflicts when trying to play them.

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Re: UP Dated Map-Packs

Postby stAtrill » 19 Jul 2015 11:56

I updated 2 of these files to fix compatibility with the update mod. It turns out Ninja already updated the DM file, and partially updated the desert file, so I essentially just finished up the Desert file and fixed the base-assault/co-op file.

More specifically, the squad files were updated to remove specific equipments. No other changes were made (neutral units are still there, etc).

Please drop a note here if anyone finds any other broken maps from Ninja files. Slightly related note: going to try to contact Ninja to make sure that this is okay by him. Maybe if we get lucky, he will start gaming with us again!


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