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Re: GC update mod

Postby E-Dawg_snizzle » 23 Sep 2016 23:07

Hi all, after testing the 1301 mod for a couple months, with the help of others we've been able to identify certain changes that needed to be made with DC/phoenix. This build has pretty much ironed out the over powered weapons in DC and I've also made a few small changes to some GC vanilla units to try and make OND more useful in air matches and neaten some things up to make it more of a finished product!

//CHANGES\\ (From 1301)

GC Vanilla Changes

*- Crayven Heavy Terradyne turret turn speed increased from 0.5 to 0.75
*- Removed afterburner
*- Increased OND AntiAir viewrange from 400 to 500
*- Increased OND AntiAir weapon range from 400M to 500M, damage from 220 to 300 and projectile speed from 400 to 600
*- Added energy shield to OND AntiAir
*- Removed advanced telemetry from Crayven AntiAir
*- Edited the AMS on Crayven Aerodynes to have a 30 second effect time and 45 second recharge time (30 seconds on, 15 seconds off)
*- Added 400M vision to Outposts
*- Rearranged Crayven equipment slot locations in the config screen (put ADPP repair in the first slot instead of Advanced PP). (and before you ask, No. I can't make AMS the first slot =(
*- Changed icon and animation for Advanced PP so it differs from image intensifier
*- re-added image intensifier to all Crayven air units and support units

Dark Conspiracy Changes Only

*- Decreased charged particle burst and atmospheric ionizer (Radardyne spec weapons) from 5 charges/3 charges to 2 charges
*- Reduced radardyne viewrange from 600M > 550M (as a reference, deployed radars are 680M)
*- Removed personal booster station from PX light
*- Re-added regenerate units (lights only) with a smaller effect radius
*- Reduced pyrodyne primary weapon damage from 200 to 190, reduced damage multiplier (Offensive: 1.5 > 1.0, Balanced 1.0 > 0.67, Speed: 0.75 - 0.5) (Using the rocket terradyne as a reference, the pyrodyne now dishes out about the same damage per second to a meds front armor, less damage per second to heavies and more damage per second to lighter targets and infantry)
*- Removed hyper rocket from multiplayer (overpowered scout weapon)
*- Reduced PX_Scout top speed from 34.5 to 33 (Cray scout is 32 and OND 37) and viewrange from 550 to 500 (same as other scouts)
*- Changed PX_snipers stealth mode to have less firepower and increased stealth multiplier to 2
*- Reduced range on offensive sniper weapon from 450M to 350M
*- Reduced damage multiplier on balanced PX_sniper weapon from 66 to 44
*- PX_Artillery reduced weapon blast radius from 75M to 60M (same as OND)
*- edited hyper plasma charges (PX_ basic infantry spec) to have the same range, damage and accuracy as 89mm antitank rocket and focused energy pulse.
*- Reduced damage multiplier on the OND power armor grU-9 RSA-AMS missles from 8 to 4, blast radius from 50 to 40 and range from 400 to 250 (another overpowered weapon)
*- reduced hot plasma burst damage from 2000 to 1000 (now takes 2 shots to kill a heavy)
*- Reduced anti-personal bombs from 4 charges to 3
*- Reverted Rocket acceleration and max speed back to 1.5
*- Removed Rocket from PX Aerodynes
*- Edited PX Aerodyne AMS to have 30 second recharge time (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off)
*- Edited AMH-Air repair to recharge continuosly for 5 seconds
*- Added AMH-Air repair to all 3 fighters (Tech level 7 in DC only)
*- Added 2nd special weapon for the Drone Carrier. M6 Cluster Drone: Fires a cluster of 6 drones, 1 Charge (Tech level 7 in DC only)
*- Rearranged Phoenix equipment slot locations in the config screen.

Fixed maps:


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