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Postby shpooky » 07 Nov 2016 09:40

somehow i got GC to work on linux ubuntu
but there are something wrong with the game objects like rocks disappear and reappear when moving the camera and when looking closely at a marine squad the 8th marine goes invisible while the others stay unchanged
and drop ships are unable to be seen intill right before they exit the map/atmosphere
but then its nox's mirror that i got it from and it just might be corrupted

also does GC use direct X? i forget
also what other things does it use? i forget

but i am unable to get GR to install
always having problems with fucken GR!!!!!!!!!
i only work in cyan and sometimes really really bright blue :D so bright it burns your eyes!!!!!

(if you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me or you can contact me via email

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Re: somehow.......

Postby Justinian » 08 Nov 2016 20:12

You can run (some) Windows applications on Linux (Ubuntu), by using WineHQ ! Here is the link, for some kind of a article, about Ground Control testing results, which works.

So, that's the starting point and idea. It's up to you now, to experiment, google about, and set it to 100% work!


By the way, Ground Control is using DirectX 7... Alas, if it was dx8, we could have used dx8 to dx9 wrapper and therefore some additional graphical improvements by using ENB, SweetFX series...

SweetFX is injector + configurable shader pack. It allows to add all sorts of post-processing effects to d3d applications !

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