have you noticed?

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have you noticed?

Postby shpooky » 15 Jul 2015 17:24

Have you guys ever noticed that when tanks get shot they get pushed away?
I and stat noticed this but he said there was no way to change the pushing effect

Would have been cool to have a back off special weapon that makes enemy’s get pushed very far away or at least scatter enemy’s or push them back into arty fire

But alas it’s not possible for us to change the push/knockback effect D:

Question: stat do specials also knock enemy’s back? or is it just the normal weapons that do?

i cant test this due to me not being able to play ground control D: so i have to ask
i only work in cyan and sometimes really really bright blue :D so bright it burns your eyes!!!!!

(if you have any questions don't be afraid to PM me or you can contact me via email ddavidshpak@aol.com)

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